March 9, 2016

Mark for SweetNSwag, Swanky Shank and Rojo Apparel

Today my little prince turned 4 moths old and I cannot believe this!
He is an amazing baby so smart, kind and adorable, I can't express with any words just how lucky I am to be his mommy.
This outfit is so amazing, I had so much fun styling it :)
Moccs: SweetNSwag
Onesie: Swanky Shank
Bow Tie: Rojo Apparel
Lipstick: Sonya Kashuk Satin Luxe Lip Color (shade 95 red orange)


March 7, 2016

TYME Iron Curls - Miracle for very curly natural hair!

Okay, I'm absolutely blown away! For my entire life I was never able to straighten my hair or create large silky curls. I would have to go to salon where my hair would be blow dried for 20 minutes, then ironed for another 20-30 minutes. and all for that one minute in the humidity when all that effort would just turn into a huge ball of mess and frizz... Until today!
I received this absolutely miracle product - TYME iron  I swear to you, I still cannot believe this! In exactly 10 minutes from start to finish (no blow dry, to preparation) I created this amazing hairstyle with TYME iron. I'm so in love! AND curls last for days!
Make sure to get one and change your life!


March 5, 2016