October 23, 2015

Vivienne for Little Love Boutique - Three Gorgeous Dresses

I'm so excited to present to you one of my new favorites: Little Love Boutique
It is a wonderful shop with tastefully selected clothing items for a real little princesses. You will be overwhelmed with all the stunning items they carry! Today we shot three adorable dresses from Little Love Boutique. First one is in my opinion the most perfect Christmas dress ever! Aside from being incredible beautiful this dress is so warm! I mean I could not be happier with the thick fleece padding all over it while the dress still looking dainty and elegant. And hat tutu, oh my gosh!

The second dress is definitely my favorite. I have literally no words to describe the quality of its fabric, and shimmer of the details, the perfect fit. Just look at it! And the golden belt is definitely the perfect finishing touch to it!

  And this final dress was Vivienne's favorite. She is a huge fan of sequins and tutus.. and this dress has them both! Adorable taupe - sparkling sequin top matches perfectly with full tutu skirt, and I personally loved that this dress is actually a two-piece (the beautiful tan-brown top is detachable and can be worn and styled separately!).
Don't forget to visit and follow Little Love Boutique for truly exceptional fashion choices for your little angel!



Vivienne for CoolKidsBklyn - Sparkling Formal Tutu Dress

Today we shot this incredible dress from COOLKIDSBKLYN and honestly I am having the hardest time describing how stunning and beautiful this dress is!
With full tutu skirt, the top of the dress is embellished with crocheted details and little sparkling crystals. It is impossible not to fall in love with this gorgeous dress and I am in awe seeing my little princess wearing it.
Visit COOLKIDSBKLYN for exceptional selection of amazing children fashion.



October 18, 2015

Rocksbox Jewelry Subscription Box - Get your first box FREE!

  Today I'm thrilled to introduce you to Rocksbox: absolutely awesome subscription service that provides you with customized and personalized designer selection of stunning and tasteful jewerly carefully curated just for you. Rocksbox gives you and unlimited access to constantly renewed closet of jewelry. You complete the survey providing the detailed information about your taste, style preferences, ideas and fashion picks, and Rocksbox will do the rest for you. You will receive three pieces of gorgeous jewelry based on your survey and your wishlist (yes, you ca also select pieces you actually WANT to receive). Wear them for as long as you want, and when you are ready , just send them back (Rocksbox provides you with a prepaid return label) and they will be swapped with a new ones! Isn't this just the best idea???
You are free to cancel your membership to put it on hold at any time, no hassle whatsoever.
And now the AMAZING NEWS for my readers and followers!
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And your first month of Rocksbox is FREE!!!! You are welcome :) Hope you enjoy it, because there is absolutely nothing not to love about it. Try it now for free, wear your jewelry and let me know what you think. 
Here are the pieces I have received in my first box:

Perry street CAMILLA STUDS