April 21, 2015

I woke up like this


Vivienne for Swanky Shank - Girl Power!

I'm always especially thrilled when girls get the opportunity to model clothes that are unique. Special. One of the kind. Clothes that tell a personal story. For today's shoot Vivienne is wearing beautiful outfit from Swanky Shank - wonderful shop where you can find gorgeous, colorful, handmade clothes that are amazingly well made and have a fantastic quality.
I absolutely fell in love with this Circus themed bright skirt and adorable "Girl Power" tank top!

Visit Swanky Shank for more adorable and truly wonderful children clothing.

April 18, 2015

Shabby Apple Polka Dot Skirt

Another shoot for amazing Shabby Apple (read my review here).
Big changes are coming in my life and I'm so excited yet terrified :)


April 5, 2015

Me for Shabby Apple - Pink Organza Skirt

Hello my dear friends,

You know how sometimes you search for something for a long time, and when you finally find it, you literally obsess all over it? Thats what happened with me when I discovered Shabby Apple. Based in New York, Shabby Apple is an incredible fashion destination for me and every single lady who is is in love with everything retro, colorful, ultra feminine and elegant. I could not be more honored to model a few pieces for them. This Park Ave. Pink Skirt by Autumn Kimball for Shabby Apple is to die for!
Super flirty and twirly, weightless and shiny, there are no words to describe how much I loved wearing it. It made an amazing addition to my Easter Day outfit. Made from organza material this fuchsia pink piece will be absolutely perfect to wear every day, as well as for special and dressy occasions.
Make sure to check Shabby Apple website for fantastic selection of gorgeous clothing for day or night wear. I can't wait for more shoots with their amazing pieces!