February 27, 2015

Vivienne for Lilax Kids - Floral Dress

Beautiful Floral Dress: Lilax Kids


Vivienne for Candy Girl Dress and Valerie Baby Boutique

Today Vivienne had a shoot for one of our favorites - Candy Girl Dress. Every time I see a dress from them, I can't help but gasping and thinking that this one is probably the most beautiful dress... and then I see another one. We are so fortunate to be their models, because I can't express hoe thrilled and smitten I am to see my babies wearing such beautiful pieces!
Speaking of beautiful... This stunning, one of a kind headband from Valerie Baby Boutique is an absolute masterpiece! Vivienne immediately named it "Elsa headband" and she simply could not take it off. I think this one will definitely become an extremely popular piece in our wardrobe. Visit Valerie Baby Boutique for breathtaking, unique and handmade clothes and accessories.


Dress: Candy Girl Dress
Vest: Target
Headband: Valerie Baby Boutique
Boots: Children's Place


Vivien Leigh as a baby...

So I named my Vivienne after Vivien Leigh... The most beautiful woman ever. 
And now I found this. Vivien's photos as a child. Oooops. I guess I totally gave that name to a wrong baby! She looks so so so much like Sophie! OMG.


Ear infection... Again...

Hi my dear friends,

I guess by now I should be already fine with the fact that ever since Sophie started going to daycare this year she is sick all the time, I am not even exaggerating, she is sick every single week.

I know I should accept this fact along time ago, but I just cannot help it but being completely heartbroken seeing my little baby suffering and struggling all the time. Not only it's so tough and difficult for her, but first of all it wears me out, drains me down and leaves me completely exhausted, empty and so tired,that I simply cannot find the words to express how I feel. I can barely and hardly remember when is the last time I had a good nights sleep, heck, just any night sleep. 
But at the end of the day I see her beautiful and oh so perfect face, and nothing else really matters at all. Just those huge blue eyes looking at me with love, just smell of those soft curls and feeling of those tiny chubby hands hugging my neck. I'm just hoping that this stage will end eventually, and she will enjoy life without constantly feeling ill.

Hope your day was better than mine, wishing you a wonderful evening.