August 30, 2014

Vivienne for Feltman Brothers - Timeless children fashion

I'm smitten and so in love with our today's shoot.
One and only Feltman Brothers company sent us a package for Vivienne and Sophie to model for them and we are so honored - there are no words! 
I've been always told that both of my girls look like they belong to a wrong century - Vivienne always  had that "retro" poise and charm in her, with her young Grace Kelly-like features and golden locks, and Sophie looks totally like a doll from early 1900's. 
Feltman Brothers was established in early 20th Century and they managed to preserve and cherish the fashion designs they crafted back then, so today their company makes those amazing, retro-vintage dresses, cardigans and so much more. Just look at Vivi... Isn't she a doll? I see a Wendy from Peter Pan in her wearing this gorgeous gown...
Hope you are all having a wonderful day, more photos coming very soon!


August 25, 2014


Hello dear friends,

New week started and I'm really enjoying my new job. 
Here is a vlog with few outfits from last week, featuring dresses from Posh Peyton and Kerubins Baby Boutique. I will try to film more videos for you, just need to manage time a bit better, I'm getting really busy, and I like it!

Have a wonderful night.


August 24, 2014

Sophie for Posh Peyton - Mint Chevron Dress and My Little Pony Skirt

Today we had another photo shoot for Posh Peyton and their beautiful mint chevron dress.
You can read my full review on this dress HERE.
Sophie looked so cute in this dress, and I thought her skin matched the color perfectly and actually looked tan! Which is amazing considering the fact that we were not tanning at all this summer.
I hope you like the shots, make sure to visit Posh Peyton for beautiful and high quality designs.

Vivienne was wearing this adorable sparkly sequined skirt I got HERE and she is in love with it.  It's reflecting light and is so puffy! Considering her current obsession with My Little Pony, this skirt could not be more perfect!

(Click on image)


August 23, 2014

Sophie for Kerubins Baby - Blue Retro Dress from Spain

I love unique fashion. I love retro. I especially love fashion from Europe. And finally there is a place that offers all this and so much more. I'm so excited and thrilled to announce that both of my girls will from now on represent stunning style from Kerubins Baby Boutique. 
Designed and crafted in Spain, European-style clothes from Kerubins are top standard quality, made from best fabrics picked from top Spanish manufacturers. 
Sophie was modeling absolutely breathtaking vintage-inspired blue dress, made from gorgeous and very thick fabric (I think it will work perfectly for colder weather too!) with velvet-made patterns on it. I could not take my eyes of her, she truly looked like a classic doll! 
I cannot wait to have more shoots with their amazing dresses, and could not be more blessed to be able to do this with my angels!

Hope you have a wonderful day.


August 22, 2014

Vivienne for Posh Peyton - Mint Chevron Dress.

So today Vivienne woke up sick and I told her: "Are you sure we can take pictures today? We can have photo shoot some other time if you want."
And you know what my three year old answered?
"No, mama. Work is work."

I'm stunned by her and her little brain. Anyway, she did pose today and did her very best modeling this adorable mint chevron dress from Posh Peyton. I could not see a better match to her aquamarine-blue eyes! We matched the dress with the hairpiece from Hobby Lobby and lovely shoes from Target.
The dress is so cute and twirly! Vivienne had a wonderful time wearing it, and one important detail: during her meal time she stained it with food and i was thrilled to discover that the material of this dress allowed me to wipe the stain right off! So big plus of the dress is - its very durable and "toddler-proof", haha.
Visit Posh Peyton for truly amazing selection of children fashion for very attractive prices!



August 20, 2014

❤ WE FOUND LOVE! ❤ Vicky's Vlog ❤

Hello my friends,

Here is a new vlog from few days ago, when Phil was visiting us here in Charleston.
We miss him already... 

Have a wonderful day. Love...


August 17, 2014