July 29, 2014

Starting all over again...

I am starting all over again.
Yesterday someone hacked this blog, and deleted it. COMPLETELY.
Every single post (over hundred photo shoots, reviews, articles and videos), all of the blog traffic (over 100.000 visitors), everything I worked on and cherished for over a year.
I cried for a while, but nothing could be done. So I've accepted, forgave that rotten-soul person who dared to do such thing to me, and decide to re-post everything little by little and simply start from scratch. I know I can do it.
On a bright side we are almost all packed for a big move and I'm so excited to start our new life at the new place.

Here are couple of unplanned shots I've made today.
Hope you all have a wonderful day.


July 28, 2014

Vivienne and Sophie for Ryleigh Rue Clothing - Matching Lace Dresses

Hello everyone,

We love being models, we love represent amazing companies. But there are always some of them which are in my secret "favorites" list. And for sure - Ryleigh Rue Clothing is one of them. This store has one of the widest assortment of beautiful clothing for girls and their moms as well! And they are by far my favorite destination of "matching closet" styles.
In today's shoot Vivienne and Sophie are wearing these lovely and super comfortable lace bottom dresses and I'm absolutely in love! 
Dresses are soft and stretchy, Vivienne told me several times how good she felt in her dress.
Thank you so much Ryleigh Rue, I'm hoping and wishing for Vivi and Sophie to become your official brand reps one day.
Hope you all have a wonderful day.


Vivienne and Sophie for Miki and Alex Boutique

Vivienne and Sophie both been representing and modeling for Miki and Alex Boutique for a while now. This awesome store has one of the best selections of children fashion I've ever seen and I just can't get over of the cuteness and a great quality of their clothes. In today's post I would like to present some of my favorite items from Miki and Alex Boutique that Vivienne and Sophie got to model for them.
Fist one you can see here is cute warm beanie.

Very stretchy and comfortable Blue Floral Leggings

Fabulous Star Leggings.

Very comfy and beautiful Floral Denim Dress.

Sensational and sparkly Pink Party Dress.

Next two items are super cool Tiger Tee and awesome and chic British Flag Leggings.

Gorgeous "Eden" Rosette Tutu Dress.

Absolutely stunning Striped Tutu Dresses in pink and blue.

Classy and lovely "Elsa" Dress

Adorable Rose Bunny Leggings and Mustard Little Lamb leggings 

Summer Floral Tutu Dress